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Catherine Novak

Catherine Novak of Wordspring.ca, Writing, Marketing, Social Media

I’ve been working and playing on the Internet since 1989. Not every day, of course.  In fact, there have been months at a time where I’ve gone off and done other things.  But since I’m endlessly curious, and there’s so much to learn online, I keep coming back.

I’m a writer and digital media specialist, which means that if you read or see  it online, whether it’s:
  • a blog post
  • a  tweet
  • a pinned picture
  • a video
  • a podcast, or
an actual web page, I probably know how it was put together, and how to use it in a communications strategy.
I have  worked with clients in the public sector, non-profits and small business, helping them to deliver information and services online with the latest methods, from smartphone apps to WordPress sites.
Much of my work involves helping my clients manage change, and bringing them up to speed on communication strategies and techniques.  I get to teach, to speak in public, and to write.  It’s pretty awesome!
I am also the mother of three boys between 11 and 16.  Thanks to them, I now know a lot about ADHD, gifted education (or the lack of it), dyslexia and other processing disorders, and gaming. I’m a firm believer in neurodiversity, and the benefits of Scouting.

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