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Monthly Archive for September, 2011

Yesterday, my sons and I cleaned the house and did a ton of laundry. Chores like that require you to crank the tunes, and so of course we had the XBox 360 blaring through the TV speakers the current heavy-rotation favourite: Midnight Oil. I find it fascinating that three boys born in 1994, 1997 and […]

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Laundry Thoughts

Today – no, make that since yesterday because I did 3 loads after work – I have done more laundry than I think I’ve ever done in my life. 9, maybe 10 loads of clothing for four people, towels, sheets, linens, duvets… in short, everything I could stuff into a washer and a dryer. I’ve […]

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I just spent a very pleasant couple of hours with about a dozen BC government workers who are all interested in “citizen engagement”, aka finding effective ways of generating conversation, listening to feedback, soliciting input from the public, mainly via digital media.  The organizer of the Citizen Engagement Drinks event is Heather Bauer, @HBtwocents on […]

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