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Monthly Archive for April, 2009

How do you get started on Twitter?  Alexandra Samuel, of Social Signal in Vancouver, had an idea, which she turned into a really fun post: a Twitter “starter kit”, so to speak.  With her tongue firmly in her cheek, she’s created 21 tweets any newbie can use while they find their own voice for this […]

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This week, my blog and my website have been united at wordspring.ca. For me, that’s pretty exciting! I like blogging on a domain that’s all my own, and that includes pages as well as posts. Some web strategists say not to do that, but to keep your blog and your website separate so that your […]

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The Twitter Cull is On…

Oh, how this hurts.  I hate breaking up with people. I am going through my “following” list on Twitter, and deleting one name after another. This involves reviewing my list, avatar after avatar, name after name and bio after bio, and assessing each for whether I want them to continue showing up in my stream […]

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